The uncle of the “Ajana child” thanks the Ministry of Health … and confirms that he is being transferred to a hospital in Cairo


Muhammad Abdel Razek, the uncle of the child victim of the Aswan bakery, thanked the Ministry of Health for sponsoring the treatment of his sister’s son, Muhammad Mustafa Shahat al-Jundi, “the child of the incubator”, explaining that there is an ambulance equipped with a doctor accompanying the case, who will transfer “Muhammad” to Al-Hilal Hospital in Cairo today.

“Abdel-Razek” added, during a phone call to the “ninth” program, presented by the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, via the Egyptian Channel One, that the Ministry of Health is monitoring the situation continuously, and he continued: “And he who does not thank people does not thank the Lord of the people.”

Abdel-Razek stressed that completed justice in Egypt will be given to the perpetrator, who tried to conceal his crime from the beginning when he transported the child to a hospital tens of kilometers from the village, although the ambulance is only 150 meters from the bakery, which led to the deterioration of the situation. Child health by 80%.

Sabri Othman, the general coordinator of the Child Helpline, had said that the incident of “the incubator child”, Muhammad Mustafa, when one of his co-workers, a “bakery worker” an older age, threw him into a “flour mixer” and turned it on, explaining that his colleagues in the bakery had turned off the mixer. And save him from her.

This came in a special coverage conducted by Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV about the health of the child, and the National Council for Childhood contacted him, as the coverage was prepared by Muhammad Mahsoub and presented by Nisreen Fouad.

He added that upon receiving the report of the case, the Council submitted it to the Attorney General to investigate the incident, noting that the Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of the accused because he is accused of attempted murder.


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