The upcoming Galaxy S phone from Samsung will come without a ToF sensor


Company announced Samsung Speaking of my phone (Galaxy Note 20) Galaxy Note 20, and (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra without ToF sensors, and now a report from South Korea says that the next generation of (Galaxy S) series phones will come without these sensors as well.

According to the report – published by, Samsung decided to drop ToF sensors from (Galaxy S21) or (Galaxy S30) phones due to the lack of sufficient use cases for this technology at the present time.

In addition, the indirect ToF technology used by Samsung is less powerful than the direct ToF technology used by Apple, which is developed by Sony, and the company could not obtain it due to the fact that Apple has an exclusive deal with the Japanese technology giant.

However, Samsung hasn’t abandoned the concept yet, and the company’s System LSI Business division is reportedly working on developing an image sensor that can improve indirect ToF technology. But the Korean technology giant will consider using it in its smartphones after seeing how Apple applies ToF technology in its future products and the market response to it.


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