The Vermont case: Lebanon detains 3 Egyptians on suspicion of involvement in the alleged gang rape in Cairo


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The authorities in Lebanon arrested three Egyptians on suspicion of their involvement in a gang rape of a girl in Egypt, dating back to 2014, and it was not revealed until recently.

The arrest of the suspects came after a request from the office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in Egypt.

The alleged incident in Egypt was publicly reported on social media in July, which sparked outrage in the country.

The pioneers of social networking sites demanded an investigation into an alleged story, about a number of young men sexually assaulting a girl in the “Fairmont Nile City” hotel, nearly six years after its occurrence.

According to accounts, the suspects, who belong to wealthy families, lured a girl during a hotel party into a room after they had drunk her drug drink, then they took turns raping her and filmed the incident.

In early August, the Egyptian Public Prosecution office announced the opening of an investigation after it received a letter from the National Council for Women – an Egyptian governmental institution that deals with women’s affairs – accompanied by a complaint by a girl to the council regarding some people sexually assaulting her inside the hotel.

Last Monday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered “the arrest and bringing of the accused in the incident of sexual assault against a girl in the” Fairmont “Hotel in 2014, and put them on the travel ban lists and await arrival for interrogation of what is attributed to them.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution confirmed that it had taken “measures to arrest all the accused through Interpol.”

On Wednesday, the Egyptian prosecutor announced that it had ordered the arrest of nine people on suspicion of their involvement in the case.

A day later, the Egyptian authorities announced the detention of at least one suspect.

On Saturday, the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon said in a statement that they had received a request from the Interpol office in Egypt to arrest “seven people of Egyptian nationality present in Lebanon” for accusing them in this case.

However, it was found that only five of them “entered Lebanon on previous dates, and then two of them left to land the number on three suspects inside Lebanese territory.”

For its part, the hotel announced that it had conducted an internal investigation and confirmed that it had never been informed of this accident by any party in the hotel or the tourism police, according to Agence France-Presse news agency.

According to studies conducted by United Nations human rights groups, more than 90 percent of women in Egypt have been subjected to harassment in various forms at different stages of their lives.

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