The Women and Health Bulletin … What is Shwikar disease that caused her death? … and the strangest methods of removing facial hair


During the past few hours, Sada Al-Balad has published a number of important news in the fields of health and women. Know the most prominent headlines:

It is known that exercising is one of the healthy habits of people’s health, starting with maintaining fitness, accelerating weight loss, maintaining strong immune health, and doctors around the world have advised exercise to protect you against Corona, and everyone in good health must spend 30-45 1 minute of physical activity daily for better health.
The popular singer Omar Kamal sparked controversy after publishing a photo of him accompanied by the performing artist, Johara, through his official account on the social networking site for photos and videos Instagram.

Symptoms of bowel cancer include weight loss, a change in toilet habit, and feeling very tired for no apparent reason, but you may also be at risk of developing a lump if you notice a change in the size of your stools.
Prepare Excess hair In different parts of the body, one of the most annoying problems that women face, so she tries to treat and get rid of them, and one of the strangest ways that astonished the pioneers of Social Media is to use birth control pills to get rid of them .. So are there other strange ways to get rid of excess hair?
The artist Shweikar left our world a few hours ago after suffering a gallbladder burst, which she suffered from for a short time.


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