This is what happens to a colon patient when eating lemon daily


Colon is one of the most common diseases that are widespread among many people, and some people suffer from the colon as a result of some life pressures or eating unhealthy foods and not following a healthy diet.

So Bright Side revealed the benefits of lemon for colon cleansing.

Lemon is one of the most important citrus fruits beneficial to health because it contains vitamin C, this vitamin helps to produce antioxidant substances inside the body, and consuming lemon juice helps to get rid of toxins in the body, also helps to revitalize the liver and stimulate it to rid the body of toxins deposited.

Here is the correct way to use lemon:

Chop the lemon into slices

After heating the water, place the lemon slices in the warm water

It is preferable to drink the juice warm and not boiled (it can be sweetened with a little honey).


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