Three seemingly harmless liver habits you know about


The Focus number citing health experts, 3 seemingly harmless habits that can damage the liver.

The liver is known to control hormonal balance, protein, fat and sugar metabolism, and it also removes toxins. For the body to be healthy, the liver must function well.

Therefore, even improper eating of fruits can lead to cirrhosis or fatty liver. Fruits contain a large amount of fructose, which leads to fat deposition in the liver.

According to experts, “Few pay attention to the fructose content in food, although its absorption affects the formation of fat cells – especially in the liver.”

In addition, the drug can adversely affect the liver, since in this organ the drugs are broken down. Experts advise that if signs of fatigue or pain appear in the upper abdomen after taking medications, stop using them and discuss an alternative with your doctor.

Another bad habit is lack of movement.

Excess body fat can be deposited not only under the skin, but also around the internal organs. In this case, inflammation can begin.


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