Tik Tok is not the first of them .. Learn about the highest technological acquisitions in history


Microsoft is in talks to purchase the platform TikTok Share videos that are very popular by the Chinese owner ByteDance , And the trade price can reach $ 50 billion – the most recent assessment investors have made TikTokAccording to a recent report by Reuters, which will make it the second highest acquisition ever, as it will be much higher than the prices paid in dozens of major acquisitions, and the following are the most valuable acquisitions:

  • she bought Microsoft LinkedIn In 2016, compared to $ 26.2 billion.
  • Company bought Hewlett-Packard a company Compaq In 2001 for 25 billion dollars.
  • Facebook acquired WhatsApp In 2014 for 22 billion dollars.
  • Nokia acquired a company Alcatel-Lucent In 2015, compared to 16.6 billion dollars.
  • she bought Walmart Placid Flipkart Al-Hindi for online shopping in 2018 against 16 billion dollars.
  • Intel bought a companyMobileEye In 2017 for 15 billion dollars.
  • Amazon bought a company Whole Foods In 2017, against $ 13.7 billion.
  • Microsoft acquired Skype In 2011, against 8.5 billion dollars.
  • Microsoft got GitHub In 2019 for $ 7.5 billion.
  • Microsoft bought Nokia in 2014 for $ 7.2 billion.
  • Google acquired Nest In 2014, compared to 3.2 billion dollars.
  • Microsoft bought aQuantive In 2007 for 6.3 billion dollars, in an attempt to break into the world of digital advertising.
  • Apple bought Bates in 2014 for $ 3 billion.


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