Tips to freeze fish in a healthy way without losing its flavor


Fish is one of the useful foods, and the basics of a healthy eating routine, and home-gardeners always want to freeze it to use it whenever you want, but keeping it in the freezer has health conditions, to ensure the benefits and taste, here are these tips that were provided by the Shamloula website:

Clean, wash and dry the fish as soon as possible because time and temperature change the taste and taste of fish.

Fish spoil quickly due to its strong intestinal juices inside its guts, and if not cleaned, it smells unpleasant.

– The fish are cleaned by cutting them from the throat with the gills and inner viscera removed, then they are washed and dried with paper or placed in a colander to dry and then placed in a plastic wrap and kept in the freezer.

Fresh fish can be kept chilled in the refrigerator for two days only, taking into account that it is placed in a closed container.

Be aware of cross-contamination and make sure to wash your hands, cutting board, and knife in warm, soapy water before and after use.

Usually, the fish is preserved completely after buying it without cleaning, but it is not recommended to do so because it may lead to spoilage of the fish and a decrease in its quality.

– Packaging the fish in a poor way causes it to dry out and lead to cold burns in it as a result of contact with dry, cold air, and this affects the quality of the fish.

Before freezing the fish, the head must be cut off and the gills, internal viscera and fins removed.

– When cleaning shrimp, it is preferable to remove the peel, remove the head and clean it from the tail, then wash it and put it in a colander until the water in it is disposed of, then it is placed in plastic bags for freezing and placed in the freezer.

– The cleaned fish can be frozen whole in fillets.

– It is preferable to divide the fish according to the needs of the family and to be wrapped with cohesive plastic as an inner cover, and then placed in another wrapping that maintains the moisture of the fish, and plastic covers for freezing fish or aluminum foil as an outer cover and placed in the freezer, and plastic bread bags are not suitable for freezing.

Remember to press the cover to expel the air from it to help prevent the fish from oxidizing with the air and causing rancidity.

– Make sure the freezer temperature is 18 ° C or 0 ° F.

– Small fish are frozen in one cover, while large fish are preferably cut into slices of 1 inch thickness.

– The duration of fish preservation increases whenever the degree of cold is low and remains a – Fish preserves its quality and is frozen for up to 3-4 months only, especially fatty fish such as salmon, grouper, shellfish and smoked fish, while other types can be kept frozen for a period of 6- 9 months.

Fresh fish has a maximum period of keeping in the freezer, which is five days, while the frozen fish remains frozen in the freezer and is suitable for food for a period of 5-10 days, and it can be preserved for several months when it is kept at 28 degrees below zero, while shrimp, crab and lobster can be kept in the freezer Frozen for 8-10 days, and it can be preserved for several months when it is kept at a temperature of -28 ° C, as it remains alive for a long time after hunting, and the shrimp loses its flavor after about 6-8 days of keeping it in crushed ice


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