To live without stress … a nutritionist offers the 5 best mood-boosting foods


A state of boredom and depression experienced by many, especially after the spread of the Corona virus, so an Australian dietitian has identified the five foods that should be eaten that will help improve your mood immediately. Shape Me Susie Burrell Seeing it on her blog she said that eating vegetables, salmon, nuts, whole sourdough and bananas regularly gives you enough energy to last all day..

These foods are commonly found in the Mediterranean diet, which is a popular dietary pattern that supports general well-being and mental health, and according to the British Daily Mail, nutritionist Susie Borrell identified the five types of foods that will lift your mood instantly:

1: Vegetables with olive oil, First Suzy recommends eating a large amount of “brightly colored” vegetables with extra virgin olive oil. She said, “It does not matter whether your choices are raw, cooked or juiced, but remember that the absorption of nutrients will be enhanced if you consume.” Some of your food is fresh with extra virgin olive oil, which is another food that features prominently in the Mediterranean diet“.

Also, lots of vegetables, such as broccoli, cucumber and carrots, make you feel full for longer after eating them shortly..

2: Salmon, the next salmon on Suzie’s list of mood-boosting foods is because it contains high amounts of healthy fats. DHA ، EPA The.

Eating salmon more often will not only boost your mood, but it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help lower blood pressure and reduce the chances of developing heart-related health problems..

Suzy recommends including 100 grams of salmon in your diet every two days if possible.

3: Nuts, Suzy said nuts are also commonly found in the Mediterranean diet because they contain protein, good fats, selenium and vitamin E..

She said: “When it comes to mood specifically, nuts are not only rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which is involved in the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. It is recommended that you eat at least a handful of nuts every day..

4: Whole grains of sourdough, while sourdough is usually more expensive than continental bread or slices of regular bread, Suzy recommends investing in sourdough because of the additional health benefits it provides, and said that the sourdough added nutrients and protein that boosts mood and supports health Intestine.

Eating at least one slice daily with peanut butter or honey is an ideal way to start the day.

5: Bananas, Bananas are known to contain high amounts of potassium and B vitamins, but few of them may also know that they are an instant food that improves mood..

Suzy said one banana provides nearly a third of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B6, which is vital for energy production in the body.

She said: “More importantly from a mental health perspective, unripe green bananas provide an enormous amount of prebiotic fiber, the fiber that helps nourish our gut bacteria and keep our gut healthy.”“.


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