To strengthen the muscles of women .. Know the useful foods for that


Many women in all parts of the world are strengthening their skills to work in many tasks and also prove their ability to take care of the home and family and good performance at work at the same time, so they should not forget about themselves and take care of them, especially for bone and muscle health and women’s health in general.

The most important foods that are useful for strengthening and developing women’s muscles:

This is because women are more likely to develop osteoporosis, which increases the risk of bone fractures, especially after menopause, because the natural hormones in women’s bodies make it difficult for them to gain muscle and there are some foods that work to strengthen and grow muscles, namely:

1- Greek yogurt: It is rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein to strengthen muscles and bones, so you should eat a full-fat, sugar-free range instead of added flavors and sugar.

2- Beans: They are a great source of protein and fiber, and they are a useful food for building muscle and strength in the body, as they are rich in folate, vitamin B and copper to strengthen the tendons.

3- Cottage cheese: It is a wonderful and important source of protein, vitamin D and calcium, and it contains many nutrients that help in strengthening muscles.

4- Milk: it is important for the strengthening and growth of muscles and bones, as it contains protein, vitamin D and calcium.

5- Bananas: It is considered a balanced food that has health benefits as it contains potassium and good carbohydrates and is a healthy pre-workout snack because it provides energy to the body.


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