Unknown .. Find symptoms of gallbladder cancer


Many people do not know the symptoms of gallbladder cancer because it is a rare disease, and it is known that early detection of cancerous tumors plays an important role in treatment.

Also, its symptoms do not appear at all times, and in some cases, detecting this type of tumor is very difficult.

According to the “nhs” website, we monitor the main symptoms of gallbladder cancer:

Loss of appetite or weight loss for no reason

Itchy skin, darker urine, and pale stools than usual

Turning the color of your skin or the whites of your eyes yellow “jaundice”

A mass in the abdomen

High fever, feeling hot or shivering

Other symptoms can affect digestion, such as:

Sharp pain in the abdomen

A sore pain in the right side of the abdomen, sometimes described as a “feeling of tugging”

Feeling sick

A very bloated stomach that has nothing to do with eating

If you suffer from another condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, you may experience symptoms like this regularly.

Advice: Some people may get used to these symptoms, but it is important that you go to the doctor and get the necessary tests.


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