Visiting a urologist is a necessity for men over the age of forty .. Learn the reasons


When men reach the age of forty, they may think about how to maintain their hair or lose their stomach, but they may not consider visiting a urologist, although this is a necessity at the age of forty, in this report we learn about the importance of visiting a urologist for men over the age of forty According to the American “Cliffend Clinic” website.

“I recommend every man to start seeing a urologist regularly at the age of 40,” said Dr. Eric Klein, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “Urologists are experts in managing problems of prostate health, urinary health and sexual health – not just.” To protect you from prostate cancer, they can even help guide you in making beneficial lifestyle changes, when to monitor the problem and when to treat it. “

Prostate enlargement

In your late 40s, you may begin to have difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate, which is part of getting older but the frequent trips to the bathroom – day and night – can make everyday life more painful than it should be.

The urologist may recommend some lifestyle changes. This can include avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Enlarged prostate can be treated with medications to relieve symptoms or even partially shrink the prostate. You can also decide to remove a portion of the prostate or surgery if needed.


Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual desire are common problems for men in their late forties and early fifties, as about 1 in 10 adult men suffer from it, and a urologist can check your hormones with a simple blood test and prescribe testosterone alternatives if you have low testosterone. .

Prostate cancer screening saves your life

PSA determination can predict (PSA) In your forties, the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Dr. Klein said: “I recommend a test PSA Basically, when you reach your mid-forties … this blood test can help determine your risk of developing prostate cancer and specifically show us what we need to do for your screening in the future. “



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