Watch out … your immunity is in danger if you don’t stop these actions


The immune system is the line of defense that a person possesses and that protects him from any microbe or virus that attacks him, and there are some practices that destroy this system and make it fragile and unable to defend, and experts advised to avoid these practices.

These practices are: lack of sleep, certain medications or overuse of antibiotics, low levels of vitamin D, lack of physical activity, stress and anxiety.

According to a recent medical study, vitamin “D” has a major role in protecting against the Corona epidemic, due to its close association with the work of the immune system and its ability to resist the virus, and experts say that about 70 percent of adults around the world suffer from vitamin “D” deficiency.

Immunity is also weakened by a diet rich in processed foods, and by reduced consumption of fruits and vegetables.

As for lack of physical activity, stress and anxiety, the immune system is affected by them.

As well as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, gout and arthritis, in addition to those who suffer from obesity and liver disease, all of these diseases increase the severity of Corona in the body.

A medical report said that hygiene using sterilizers must be taken care of, as it is important to protect against the Corona virus that does not weaken the immune system, unlike what some reports promote.

It indicates that cleaning does not kill the microbes, but rather reduces their numbers and thus reduces the risk of infection spreading.


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