Watch .. Susan Najm El Din’s sister publishes pornographic videos of her


Syrian actress Suzan Najm El Din revealed that there is a girl who always threatens her by showing her pornographic videos.

Najmuddin said, during an interview on the program “It Reached Us” with the journalist Hisham Haddad, that she does not know who she is, explaining that she learned that her name is Mirjana Najmuddin, explaining that she is not her sister.

She noted that she has a sister, but she is far from art. In the same episode, the Syrian artist Suzan Najm al-Din refused to talk about her relationship with the artist, Asala Nasri.

Suzan said about her relationship with the artist Asala: “I don’t open a new page with her, and I don’t want to talk about it because I talked about it a lot.


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