We may go back to the beginnings of Corona … Strong health warnings to citizens


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, gave several advice to citizens, stressing that vitamins and immunity-raising drugs should not be taken without a doctor, warning against laxity and complacency in following preventive measures, commenting: “He may return us to the beginning and increase injuries and deaths.”

“Mujahid”, during a phone call to the “Today” program presented by Sara Hazem, broadcast on the “dmc” channel, confirmed that the citizen’s warning is very important to protect himself, his family and his country, explaining that people with chronic diseases are more vulnerable to Corona virus, and that one person The person infected with the Coronavirus transmits the infection to two and a half people, saying: “If we had 10 infected individuals, they would transmit the infection to 25 individuals.”

He pointed out that the incubation period for the Corona virus is from 4 to 12 days, and that the period between the emergence of symptoms of the Corona virus and the severity of the disease reaches one day or less, saying to citizens: “Protect your families and your families, protect yourselves, and preserve healthy food.”

He added that some countries will take years to recover from the economic effects of the Corona virus, stressing that the country is ready and ready to confront anything, and there are isolation hospitals, in addition to the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, and that there is surveillance and investigation of the infected, continuing: “We have enough medicines for home isolation cases.”


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