What are the best ways to care for oral health .. and know the risks of neglect


Good oral hygiene is important to protect teeth and prevent some fungi and bacteria that may infect a person with some diseases. People who suffer from poor oral health may experience speech problems, malnutrition, and swallowing problems, according to the website. healthline There are some general ways to maintain dental health, such as visiting the dentist regularly and flossing regularly even though some groups of people may need to take extra precautions.

Methods to maintain oral health in children

Early childhood caries is a distinctive pattern of tooth decay when it first appears. You may notice white spots near the gum line. These spots will turn brown as the caries progresses. Early treatment is important to reduce the level of caries..

The remaining sugars on the teeth can lead to food poisoning. These sugars may come from milk, juice, or foods.

Methods of preventing tooth decay in children

Restrict feeding during meal times.

Before developing children’s teeth, the mouth should be taken care of regularly by wiping its gums twice daily with a clean, soft and delicate piece of cloth, such as a napkin.

– After the child’s teeth grow, the child’s toothbrush moistened with water must be used, and do not use toothpaste until your child becomes large enough to spit out the toothpaste. Swallowing the toothpaste during the growth of the tooth can cause a condition called fluorosis, which occurs from the absorption of a lot of fluoride and causes In the appearance of their teeth mottled or grainy.

– The child must be weaned from the bottle when he is one year old. Insert any spill-proof cup with a valve.

Oral care for women

Women have different concerns during different stages of life. In adolescence, when a young woman begins to menstruate, menstruation may accompany mouth sores or swollen gums..

Women of childbearing age have an additional reason to practice good oral hygiene Gum disease increases the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight.

During pregnancy, high progesterone and other hormones can upset the body’s natural balance. This can lead to gingivitis or saliva too little or too much saliva or benign tumor-like tumors on the gums called granulomas. Repeated vomiting caused by morning sickness can Encourages tooth decay by dissolving tooth enamel The best way to prevent these problems is to practice good oral hygiene.

And when women reach menopause, the lack of estrogen puts them at risk of gum disease, and many suffer from burning mouth syndrome. This disorder is characterized by an unpleasant sensation of tingling associated with changes in taste perception. The condition is treated with creams, lozenges, or oral medications..

And with age, it can become less able to chew effectively, especially if the woman has missing teeth or inappropriate dentures, and medications that cause dry mouth can be taken as this problem can cause difficulty swallowing, which may lead to malnutrition In addition, dry mouth can allow bacteria to accumulate, causing bad breath, gum disease and infection.


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