What are the causes of vaginal fungi … and how can they be avoided?


8:00 AM

Thursday 20 August 2020

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The German magazine “Abbotkin Umchau” reported that vaginal fungi are due to the yeast fungus, which causes odorless, lumpy vaginal secretions sometimes accompanied by itching and burning.
The Journal of Health stated that some factors increase the risk of infection with vaginal fungi, such as hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and lactation or during treatment with antibiotics.
Excessive care of the intimate area also leads to an imbalance of the vaginal flora.
In order to avoid vaginal fungi, the woman should clean the intimate area once a day at the latest, using only water or a cleanser without aromatic substances and with a slightly acidic pH.
Breathable panties should also be worn as pants made of cotton; Since the accumulation of heat and moisture under the underwear increases the chances of infection with vaginitis.


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