What are the reasons for the presence of white stripes on chicken breasts?


3:00 PM

Thursday 06 August 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Raw chicken meat is usually pink, but you may have noticed white streaks on the breasts, if so, you may have wondered if this is normal or not.

A study from the University of Bologna, Italy, indicates that these white lines may mean something we do not realize, according to the American website “brightside”.

The study, published in the Italian Journal of Zoology, found that when barbecued, they were more fat than usual and often exceeded natural fat by 224%. Because of this, researchers believe that the lines are the result of new farming and breeding techniques that are used to help chickens grow faster and gain more body weight than usual, and this could also be a sign of a muscle disorder often found in birds.

The study showed, that chicken grows in half the time that it was 50 years ago, and is often rich in supplementary poultry oil, which is unsaturated animal fat, and many of these practices came to meet poultry demand in recent years, and these practices may lead to muscle disorder In birds, this causes the muscles to decrease and increase the fat, as appears on the chicken breasts with white lines.

The study also claimed that chicken meat lost some of its nutritional value over the years, adding to concerns that white streaks indicate that meat is gradually losing working proteins. However, a survey conducted as part of the study claimed that white streaks affected only about 12% Of slides.

In general, white striped meats are believed to be safe to eat, although there is another flaw which is tasteless, compared to healthy chicken, as well as their flavor is less and does not absorb the marinade well.

One poll claimed that about half of consumers said they would not buy mild striped chicken, and it was also observed that fillet fillets with sharp lines seemed fatter, and if these lines were the result of new breeding techniques to make the meat more available, it was certainly counterproductive.


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