What causes pimples to appear around the mouth … and how to treat them?


10:00 PM

Wednesday 19 August 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

The emergence of pimples on the skin is one of the most problems facing girls, and it appears in areas such as: the forehead, chin, around the mouth, or around the mouth only without spreading to the rest of the skin, so the causes of it must be known to receive appropriate treatment, which we mention according to the “healthline” and “” “medicalnewstoday”.

the reasons:

1- Helmet belts:

The chin strap on the helmet can easily block the pores near your mouth, so if you wear a sports helmet with a chin strap, make sure it is not too tight, as well as gently clean your face and chin after wearing it.

2- Musical instruments:

Any musical instrument placed on the chin, such as a violin, or that is constantly touching the area around the mouth, can lead to clogged pores and acne near the mouth.

3- Lip Balm:

Your daily care regimen could be the cause of clogged and irritated pores near the mouth, and an oily lip balm may be a common cause of this, as the wax in a lip balm can clog pores if it spreads on your lips.

4- Using a mobile phone:

Anything that comes into contact with your chin can clog your pores, so if you put your mobile phone on your chin while speaking, it could cause mouth or chin acne.

5- hormones:

Hormones known as androgens stimulate the production of sebum secretions that clog pores, which leads to acne, and hormonal fluctuations may be the result of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

6- race:

Excessive sweating of the area around the mouth can lead to the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

7- Touching the face:

Constantly touching the face causes pimples to move from one area to another.

8- Leftover food and drink:

Small food particles around the mouth may also clog the pores, so it is best to clean the area around the mouth immediately after eating, and try to avoid eating fatty foods, as the oil in these foods may increase the possibility of pimples.

9- Neglecting to clean the skin:

The face should be washed twice a day, especially after sweating, and make-up should always be removed before bed, with the need to clean makeup brushes frequently to prevent the transfer of bacteria to the face, as they cause clogging of pores, and regular washing of face towels can also help to keep the skin clean.

10- Neglecting to change the pillow cover regularly:

Changing sheets and pillowcases regularly can help prevent bacteria from coming into contact with your face.


1- Antibiotics:

Antibiotics help stop or slow the growth of bacteria, and they also help prevent them from forming.

2- Acne Medicines:

These include acne creams, cleansers, and gels that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

3- Chemical peeling:

The specialist physician resort to this method for cases that do not respond to traditional medicines, or with the presence of pills that last for a long time, and leave severe effects.


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