What you do not know about the Russian vaccine for the Coronavirus and why it was called Sputnik


On Tuesday, Russia launched the registration of the first vaccine for the Coronavirus, which was jointly developed by the Aesthetic Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defense, to represent the first vaccine launched to fight the Coronavirus epidemic that infected 20 million people worldwide...

Learn the most important information related to the Corona vaccine.

*On Tuesday, Russia approved the world’s first vaccine to fight the Coronavirus Covid-19 For widespread use less than two months after human testing..

Corona virus from Russia

* Call it Sputnik 5“Sputnik V”, Evokes the name of the vaccine on the world’s first satellite, launched into orbit, Sputnik, during the Cold War space race, which was also seen as a competition for international standing..

* After its approval, 20 countries have applied for one billion doses of the Russian vaccine.

*President Putin hailed this vaccine as a testament to Russias scientific prowess..

*Phase III trials will be conducted in parallel with the mass production of the vaccine, including in Brazil.

Corona vaccine and how it works
Corona vaccine and how it works

*The vaccination will be offered to doctors and teachers first, with the vaccine available to paramedics from late August or September.

* The Russian vaccine production started in September and 3 companies were assigned to produce it..

*Announcing a major campaign to vaccinate people for free by October.

*The vaccine has been introduced and used in general from January 1, 2021, when the vaccination will be voluntary.

* President Putin said that the vaccine, developed by the Aesthetic Institute in Moscow, is safe, effective and constitutes a strong immunity against the Corona virus that may last for up to two years.

*More than 5 countries are now actively working to start producing the Russian vaccine..

It was produced in both liquid and dry forms.


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