WHO comments on the first Russian vaccine for Corona … and a blanket warning


“We are in close contact with the Russian authorities, and talks are continuing. The stage that precedes the licensing of any vaccine passes through strict mechanisms,” WHO spokesman Tariq Yasarevich said during a video conference, in response to a question about the Russian president’s announcement that his country had reached the first A vaccine “against the emerging corona virus.

“The pre-licensing phase includes a review and evaluation of all required safety and efficacy data collected during the clinical trial phase,” the spokesman explained.

He pointed out that in addition to the approval granted by the competent authorities in each country, “the World Health Organization has established a mechanism for prior authorization of vaccines but also of drugs. Manufacturers require prior authorization of the World Health Organization because it is a guarantee of quality.”

Russia has not yet published a detailed study of the results of the experiments that allowed it to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine.

And last week, the World Health Organization expressed doubts after Russia announced that its vaccine was about to be completed, noting that any medicinal commodity “must undergo all necessary tests and checks before it is approved for use,” and indicated that it had not received “anything official” from Russia.

The spokesman said that at the present time, “it is very important to implement sustainable public health measures. We must continue to invest in developing vaccines and treatments that will help us reduce future transmission,” adding that “the speed of development of some potential vaccines is encouraging.”

He continued: “We hope that some of these vaccines will prove to be safe and effective.”

According to the World Health Organization, there are 26 potential vaccines in the clinical trial stage (ie, human testing) around the world, and 139 in the pre-clinical evaluation stage.

Among the 26 vaccines, late July 6 entered the third phase of development. The vaccine developed by the Russian “Gamalia” was classified at the time in the first stage.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, on Tuesday, that Russia had reached the “first” vaccine against the emerging corona virus, stressing that it provided “sustainable immunity” and that one of his daughters had received it.

Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko confirmed that “clinical tests on a few thousand people will continue.”


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