“Who is the real mother?” .. A mental health professor analyzes the case of Hala Sidqi and her husband


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The case of the artist Hala Sidqi and her husband Sameh Zakaria occupied the attention and discussion of the pioneers of social networking sites, between a supporter, opponent and sympathetic, and another that neither of them cares as much as their two children.

Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi, a professor of mental health, says: Do not be surprised, dear reader, if I told you that difficult life situations in psychology have a benefit for all parties, even if we are forced to transfer them to public opinion, and this benefit extends to all parties, regardless of their ages and experiences in life, even if they are In the case of children, if they are dealt with properly in the problem, they will turn into organisms against trauma later and accept the matter in a very healthy way without leaving negative psychological residues for later, and vice versa, if it is dealt with in the wrong way, it may turn from a public opinion issue to a case of general destruction without To feel ».

The professor of mental health confirmed that “the problem turned into a public opinion issue as soon as the media dealt with it. It is disagreements between the artist Hala Sidqi and her husband over the years, and suddenly the case was exploded after several accumulations, certainly by the same parties, the husband and the wife. His children, but she placed another woman’s eggs in her womb without his knowledge, and when others criticized him, he said that what he was doing was not an act but a reaction to what his wife, the artist Hala Sidqi, started to distort his image and make false accusations and that she was the one who started to file cases and threaten him more than once. Prison …. etc. ».

The “soldier” pointed out that “there are often such problems in society, so how many disputes are between husbands and wives, pointing out that among the walls of the houses there are many secrets that had it not been for the mercy of the Creator, we would all have lost hope that two would settle down by living under one roof or forming a family.” in peace”.

Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi pointed out that “motherhood in psychology has a weak relationship with eggs and sperm. How many parents are alive and their children are misfits? So the question posed for reflection and depth is, what if the husband’s accusation of his wife in this case is real? And what if it is a false accusation? Does the law have to take into account psychology in this matter? Can public opinion issues of this kind be closed in order to preserve the mental health of the children, and this means preserving the mental health of the community? Or is it better for children to accept and accept public opinion raising such issues so that they are “anti-traumatic” able to accept such matters in order to overcome them without going through disturbances with post-trauma? Pressed beyond his power? Can the wife accept her husband’s pressure and accept reconciliation, or has this reconciliation become beyond her capacity? ».

Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi concluded, saying: “Do not be in a hurry to judge human beings, for pressure is enough to turn the calm into a revolutionary, the tender compassion is cruel, and the wise to the reckless, so let them have mercy on both parties. His site passed through its details, so what he would do, but hurry up to confirm that the mother is not the one who gives birth, but she is the one who carries out the real care.

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