Will the Day of Resurrection be called upon in the name of the mother or the father? .. The fatwa will be answered


And Dar Al Iftaa cited what andResponse in the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah and the sayings of the majority of the nation’s scholars, may God be pleased with them, according to which people are called on the Day of Resurrection with their parents. Including: narrated by sheikhs and the word of the steam from Ibn Umar that the Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and him said: «The treacherous raise his banner the Day of Resurrection, said: This treachery so and so son of so and so», Bob him by Imam Bukhari in the “correct” : The chapter on what people are called their parents, and under which the hadith is given. Imam Al-Qurtubi said in “The Remembrance of the Conditions of the Dead and the Matters of the Hereafter” (pp. 698-699, t. Dar al-Minhaj): [قوله: «هَذِهِ غَدْرَةُ فُلَانِ بْنِ فُلَانٍ» دليلٌ على أن الناس يدعون في الآخرة بأسمائهم وأسماء آبائهم، وقد تقدم هذا في غير موضع، وفي هذا رد على من قال: إنما يدعون بأسماء أمهاتهم؛ لأن في ذلك سترًا على آبائهم، وهذا الحديث خلاف قولهم] Oh.

And she continued: It was reported on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with them. He said: “The man from the people of Paradise will come and the women will supervise him and say: O so and so, so and so, when are you coming out of us with your first order from us, then he says: Who are you?” They say: We are from Whom God Almighty said: َل Do not you know the soul of what was hidden from them from the village of Ayn, as a reward for what they were doing ﴾ [السجدة: 17]”.

Abu Dawood and Ibn Hibban narrated on the authority of Abu al-Dardaa, may God be pleased with him, that our master, the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, said: “You will be called on the Day of Resurrection in the name of your name and the name of your fathers name.”

And she affirmed that the general hadiths and the valid effects indicate that the call to people on the Day of Resurrection will be from the side of the fathers and not from the side of the mothers, and there is no strength in opposing what was stated regarding that the appeal will be from the side of the mothers; Because it is weak or interpreted hadiths, as the scholars have forced it to be desirable for the proportion of the dead on the part of its mother during initiation.

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