Without a doctor … This is how you can treat high blood pressure in the fastest way


High or low blood pressure is a health disease that threatens human life, and a large segment of people around the world suffers from it, and it is called the “silent killer”, given that it often does not cause symptoms, while it may come with some symptoms, The following article introduces you to the most prominent symptoms of high blood pressure, as well as the fastest treatment for lowering blood pressure, according to Dr. Raed Al-Awayishah, a consultant of cardiovascular diseases and catheters.


Severe headache, especially if it persists for long periods.

Frequent feeling of tiredness, fatigue, and laziness.

Difficulty breathing: It is one of the most prominent symptoms of high blood pressure, and the patient feels short of breath, after performing simple tasks.

Feeling pain and chest pain.

Blood in the urine, in which case it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

– blushing.

– Tinnitus.

Heart rhythm disturbances and sensation.

Methods of Treatment:

High blood pressure is a serious disease that must be addressed directly, in order to avoid exposure to health problems such as heart attack, stroke, bleeding in the brain or tachycardia.

To reduce the pressure; It requires the patient to do several things, most notably:

Directing to rest directly, and not to make any physical exertion.

– Avoid emotions and mental disorders.

– go to a health center or a specialist; Before reaching the doctor, drink cold water or hibiscus and stay away from the salts, to control blood pressure until medical care is obtained.

Quit drinking alcohol and smoking.

Exercise, especially walking daily.


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