Witness the shock of Shawq Al Hadi’s mother after her daughter was infected with the Corona virus


In a shocking news that was surprised by the pioneers of communication sites and fans of the actress Shawq Al-Hadi after announcing that she had confirmed rumors of being infected with the Corona virus and that she had recorded a video of her own on the social networking site Snapchat, through which she revealed the details of the appearance of symptoms on her, at the beginning, Shawq Al-Hadi announced that she was infected with a virus Corona, through a post on her account on Snapchat, in which she said: “Praise be to God anyway, I announce that I have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Shawq Al-Hadi said in a video clip on Snapchat that she had contracted the Coronavirus, as she felt some slight symptoms of the disease, and as a result, a “smear” was made and she confirmed that the result is positive.

Shawq Al-Hadi added that the symptoms started with a slight cough and then began to become more severe, adding that she began to strengthen her immunity even before the results of the examination appeared, by taking vitamin D – C, and she also continued drinking ginger with lemon and was keen to eat healthy foods. She suffers from anemia, so she is keen to strengthen his immunity in order to fight the disease, and in general she is in good health so far even though the symptoms change from time to time, indicating that she is currently isolated and it may take 10 days to eliminate the virus to return to full health.

The artist, Farah Al-Hadi, said that she is not yet able to understand the situation because her sister had the infection transmitted to her while she was infected with the Coronavirus, and she was surprised by the positive swab that was withdrawn for her sister, especially since she was suffering from minor apparent symptoms of the disease.


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