You have questions confusing you about the state of gold and its prices in the two days. You have the answers


Gold prices have recently risen to record numbers that the yellow metal has not seen on the local and international levels before, as there are no indicators that clarify the position of the precious metal in the coming period, which made many questions surround the ordinary citizen, such as is the time to buy or sell? And when will gold prices drop? .

In the following report, we review the most important questions that concern citizens about gold, and the deputy head of the Golden Jewelry and Jewelry Division in Cairo answers “Ehab Wasef”.

1- Is the time appropriate to buy or sell?

Those who have a cash surplus “cash” can invest in gold in the long run, as the price of gold rises from the beginning of the year until now at about 45% locally, which is very high.

2- When do gold prices drop?

It is not possible to predict a specific time to the low price of gold bullets, but indicators and evidence confirm the high price of gold in the coming period, but at a slower rate than the current time.

If you are going to buy gold, what is the best investment in terms of “crafts, bullion, gold, pounds, gold”?
Gold is an ornament, and although alloys and pounds are less gold than workmanship, 21 “gouache” are of little workmanship, and they can be bought for investment in, and used for ornamentation.

3- How is workmanship calculated?

Workmanship varies from place to place, and from one region to another, according to the social level, as well as the type of artifacts, “chain, ring, bracelet”, “the work done in it,” and the “model”.

4- Does the dollar affect gold?

The price of gold in Egypt is determined by two main factors, namely the price of the local currency against the dollar, and the higher its value, the lower the price of gold and the second the global stock price, which is globally uniform.

5- How is the difference between real gold and Chinese?

Purchase and stamp from a trusted store, or a well-known jeweler. An invoice must be obtained, containing the specifications and price of handicrafts.


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