10 dangerous diseases that afflict you when you drink a liter of carbonated water daily


Soft drinks are among the most widely consumed commercial drinks that are consumed by many people around the world, but they are harmful to the human body.

And a recent study conducted at the University of Texas at the Health Sciences Center, in Tyler and published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, reported that Americans consume more than 13 million gallons of carbonated water per year, and these drinks contain carbonate, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium, calories. High, and unfortunately, many may include it in alternatives to water and other fluids, but consuming large quantities of carbonated water leads to many problems, including dehydration, excess sugar, obesity, excess calcium, and calcium absorption.

The following are the effects of consuming a liter of carbonated soda a day on your body, according to the “Bright Side” website.

1- Obesity

2- Lack of vitamins

3- Fatty liver

4- Tooth decay

5- Chronic diseases

6- Caffeine addiction

7- Cancer

8- Bone fractures

9- Having dementia:

10 – have gout:


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