10 million pounds reward for winning Africa in Fyler’s contract with Al-Ahly


The seventh day learned that the reward for winning the African championship in the contract of Swiss Rene Fyler with Al-Ahly is estimated at a salary of 3 months, while the Swiss coach gets 200 thousand dollars a month, which means that he gets 600 thousand dollars, equivalent to 10 million Egyptian pounds if he leads Al-Ahly to win With the African princess, Rene Fyler set several conditions for agreeing to renew his contract with the team for a month in order to lead the Red until the end of the African championship, and Fyler stipulated that he receive the new month’s salary in advance in addition to charging the league bonus, provided that he signs the contract if he agrees in Switzerland with his private lawyer and in Monterrey, the Swiss lawyer, attended.

Officials decided Ahly Cancellation of a season-term renewal contract, as the Swiss coach will officially leave on October 1 during the legal period to break the contract, or he will sign a new contract for a period of one month only, and he will leave immediately afterwards, and Al-Ahly club officials try to keep the Swiss Rene Fyler for one month so that he leads the team until the end The African Championship, I have to leave immediately after.

Al-Ahly club management announced that the final position of Swiss Fyler will be determined on Thursday, October 1, either by officially announcing the termination, or by announcing the renewal of the contract for a period of one month, provided that Fyler will leave immediately.

In a related context, Al-Ahly club officials objected to the proposal to contract with the Argentine, Hector Cuper, former coach of the Egyptian national team, to succeed Rene Fyler, and the refusal comes within the framework of the club’s search for a contract with a foreign coach to take charge of coaching the team for the next period after the club decided to terminate Fyler’s contract.


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