“100 tons of honey is consumed” .. Control of the fire of the Dukhan company store in Dakahlia


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The Civil Protection Forces in Dakahlia were able to extinguish a fire in the warehouses of a smoke company 4 hours after it was lit, and after the fire consumed 100 tons of syrupy smoke.

Major General Raafat Abdel Baath, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of the Directorate of Investigations, that a huge fire broke out in stores belonging to the smoke company behind the Christian cemeteries in the Sandub district of the Mansoura First Police Department, and flames and thick smoke escalated in the area.

The Director of Security, Director of the Investigation, Major General Mr. Sultan, Hikmdar Directorate, and Civil Protection Forces moved to the scene of the fire.

The Civil Protection Forces, using 6 firefighting vehicles, managed to control the fire 4 hours after it ignited and prevented it from spreading to the surrounding area.

Security sources revealed that the fire broke out in a large warehouse for the Imbabi Smoke and Tobacco Company, which is located on an area of ​​400 square meters, and losses were estimated at about 100 tons of tobacco and molasses, which were prepared for manufacturing.

The sources confirmed that forensic evidence indicated that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the refrigeration unit in the store, and the fire extended to the manufacturing and packaging unit, and destroyed 100 tons of tobacco and molasses after they caught fire.

The necessary record was issued for the incident and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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