12 detainees in the First Shubra police station suffocated due to a short circuit in the waiting room (details)


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Twelve people were injured in the detention of the first section of Shubra El-Kheima, as a result of smoke rising due to a short circuit in the waiting room at the bottom of the reservation. First aid needed.

Major General Fakhreddin Al-Arabi, Director of Security in Qalyubia, and Major General Hatem Haddad, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, moved to the scene, and the situation was controlled and reassured of the safety of the injured and the stability of the situation, and a maintenance team was pushed to repair the electric circuit and stop the smoke.

The director of Qalyubia security received a notification from Brigadier General Khaled al-Muhammadi, head of the Qalubia investigation, that smoke had escalated from the waiting room under the prisoners ’custody, which caused suffocation among the detainees.

Immediately, the security leaders, ambulances, and civil protection moved in. 6 cases of suffocation were dealt with at the scene of the accident, and 12 other cases were transferred to the Nile Hospital to receive first aid and undergo medical care, and the smoke was controlled and evacuated until the malfunction was fixed.

The investigations revealed that smoke increased due to a short circuit in the waiting room at the bottom of the reservation, which caused suffocation and injury to both “Syed M.”, “Mahmoud A.”, “Basma M.”, “Hassan A”, “Muhammad A”, and ” Majdi B., Samira M., Nadia M., Muhammad A, Ali R., Aziza E, and Imad S.

The situation was controlled without losses, and the prosecution took over the investigation, and ordered the question of the force of the department present and the assignment of the criminal laboratory to uncover the mystery of the accident, explain the cause of the short circuit, ask the injured, and request investigations of the investigations.

A security source confirmed that the situation is under control, and that there are no problems, indicating that the incident started with an electric short circuit inside the waiting room at the bottom of the reservation, which resulted in the escalation of fumes and the occurrence of suffocation, and that the situation was controlled and the injured were transferred to receive treatment in the hospital and deal with other cases. The scene of the accident.

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