13 best films to empower and empower women in society to watch


Supporting women and empowering them in society is one of the things that we value and believe in, and because most of us are fans of films, we see them as a source of inspiration for many girls and women around the world who either talk about women’s rights or empower them or even the difficulties that some women have faced. There are many films that we present to you today that tell real stories of women who faced difficulties and decided to continue their path in order to reach success and prove to everyone that they are able to be responsible, free and have the right just like men.

Many novelists and writers have been interested in expressing women’s freedom and strengthening their rights through many Arab and foreign films around the world, so they discovered them with us today, according to what was published by (Fustany). فيلم Hidden Figures

It is one of the wonderful films that talks about the genius of women and their superiority over men in various fields, and this is what Hidden Figures narrates. Which tells about three African American women working for NASA, specifically in sports science and working on calculations that help John Glenn, the first American man to go on a space flight orbiting the Earth in 1960, and the film reveals the true story of sports scientists Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson.


One of the most famous feminist films is Wild, which tells the story of a woman who decides to go on a walking journey of 1100 miles, after going through many problems in her life, from divorce to the death of her mother, and she has become a psychologically shattered character. But she decides to record what happens on her journey on foot in order to regain her strength and confidence in herself again.

A thing of fear movie

Something of Fear is one of the most controversial films at the time of its release. Which tells about a strong woman claiming Fuada refuses to surrender to injustice even when she marries against her, and when she finds the people of her city subjected to oppression from Atris until she succeeds in getting rid of him and defeating him.

Little Women

This novel has been submitted more than once, but Little Women is one of the best movies I recommend you watch. It tells the story of 4 young girls with many dreams and aspirations that were left by a father in order to participate in the American Civil War in the mid-nineteenth century. However, the film highlights how these girls struggle to live happily ever after from poverty and war, and overcome the need for money and the disappointment of those close to them.

Wonder Woman

Although it is not a true story, Wonder Woman is one of the favorite movies for many girls, especially since there has become a story of a superhero.

It tells the story of Diana who lives on an island until she meets one of the pilots on the coast of the island and tells her about the occurrence of a world war, and then leaves the island in the hope of achieving peace in the city.

678 movie

Exposure to sexual harassment is a difficult and bitter experience that a woman or girl can face at any age and in any place, so Film 678 talks about harassment in Egyptian society.

In my opinion, this film is an inspiration to any woman who may be subjected to harassment not to succumb to silence and she must defend her rights no matter what

Frida movie

Certainly I’ve heard before about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who is known for her support for feminism, women’s rights issues, and participation in revolutions, and today you can learn more about her life through Frida, one of my personal favorite movies. Which can be a source of inspiration for any girl who faces any difficulty in her life to be strong in facing it.

Mulan movie

Mulan is one of the most inspiring animated films for any young girl or even teenager to be a strong and effective character in her community. It highlights Mulan, a Chinese girl who enters the army and defends the Chinese Empire instead of her father, because he is too old to protect the empire from falling into the hands of invaders.

Film My Wife, General Manager

Marati’s film, General Manager, reviews the idea of ​​supporting women’s work and their potential to reach the highest ranks, but in a romantic comedic manner. In fact, it is one of our favorite movies. Which tells what would happen in the life of a married couple if the woman became the manager over her husband at work.

فيلم He Named Me Malala

He Named Me Malala is one of the documentaries that tells about the character of Malala Yousafzi, who is the youngest woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 because she was advocating for women’s rights in education. She has been known for constantly defending women’s rights in Pakistan, and the film narrates her entire experience as well as the accident that she was subjected to that would have killed her.

فيلم The Stoning of Soraya M

There are many women around the world who are subjected to violence and it can even amount to murder. In fact, The Stoning of Soraya M is one of the best films that tells a true story of a woman in Iran who was stoned and killed because of her husband, but a journalist comes from outside the country to reveal to the whole world What happened to her.

Suffragette film

The demand for women’s rights is one of the important things that I paid more attention to than the movie talking about it around the world, and through the movie Suffragette, the feminist movement in Britain at the end of the nineteenth century called the Suffragette and calling for women’s rights to vote and take care of children. It is considered one of the inspiring films for many women and women in society.

The open door movie

The man’s control over women through their constant terror is difficult. Women need someone to support them and give them freedom, and this is what the Open Door film does, which reveals to you what a woman can do when a man shares the same rights in society. It is her right to rise up against the occupier and help those who need it.


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