14 photos documenting the moment Egyptian fishermen rescued migrants from 5 countries in A.


12:04 PM

Sunday 27 September 2020

Kafr El Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

“Masrawy” obtained photos documenting the moments of the rescue of a group of fishermen from the village of Burj Mughaizel of the Motobas Center in Kafr El-Sheikh – 25 illegal immigrants to Italy, from drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean, after a fishing boat capsized with them in the range of international Libyan waters.

Ali Attia Darwish, one of the fishermen who saved illegal immigrants from drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean, told “Masrawy”: “I work with my colleagues on a Libyan boat, and we were on a fishing trip in the Mediterranean. Those we are working on, it captures movement on the borders of the “Zliten” area, which lies between the cities of Misurata and Khums.

He added: “There was another fishing boat accompanying us carrying people of Italian nationality, and they told us that there were people on board, and they feared being near them for fear of being exposed to harm, knowing that this is the second incident within 3 days to see a fishing boat carrying dozens of immigrants on board.” Illegal, and a similar incident before that, in which a group of people drowned in the Mediterranean waters. “

Darwish stressed, “We did not hesitate to save them from drowning after the boat carrying them capsized in the Mediterranean waters, after we noticed the presence of women among these illegal immigrants.”

He explained, “We were able to save them through the fishing boats that were on the boat we are working on, and we took them to it and put them on board.”

He revealed that the illegal immigrants who were rescued from drowning have the nationalities of “Egypt, Sudan, Syria, South Africa and Bangladesh”, and they remained on the boat for two consecutive days, struggling with drowning until they were rescued, while some of them drowned and found their bodies in the water below the boat. Who was driving them.

He pointed out that among these illegal immigrants is a Syrian woman who lost her family and decided to leave for Italy through illegal immigration, while all of them were arrested and detained with the knowledge of the Libyan authorities in the city of Tripoli, pending a decision on their matter.

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