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With the outbreak of the Corona virus, forcing countries to close, and the companies’ decision to work for employees from home, the working woman has become one of the most affected, due to the combination of performing her job and caring for her children, according to the site King.

But it really wasn’t the case, as many women have asserted that they have higher job satisfaction than in pre-pandemic times, according to a study by the Women’s Center at Rutgers College of Business.

The center stated that this rise in performance was linked to one major factor, which is the extent to which their male partners (spouse) assist in housework and childcare.

The study authors said, “We found that the increased contributions of men in the home have a positive effect on women’s job satisfaction and productivity.” “.

In the study, researchers conducted an online survey of more than 1,500 adult workers, including 920 living with a heterosexual partner, between April 29 and May 15.

The researchers pointed out that the result was a big surprise to them, and they said that it is too early to draw final conclusions, and she confirmed that she hopes the study will raise doubts about the usual societal norms about working from home.

“The epidemic has made men understand how much work women have to do at home,” the researchers said.

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