5 health damages to eggs Balobiyev .. know them


Processed meat is one of the fast foods that many love, and it tends to be large and small, because of its delicious taste and ease of preparation, most notably “BlueBeef”, which is considered one of the most popular fast foods, but it contains many health problems, the most important of which are preservatives.

One of the most prominent disadvantages of preservatives in “BlueBeef” is that they interact unhealthily when mixed with eggs, according to the confirmation of nutrition organizations, according to the “health” website, as adding eggs to processed meat is one of the common mistakes that many do without realizing their danger.

The organizations explained that “blueprint” contains nitrates, a substance used to preserve frozen meat, which is “nitrosamine”, which when interacting with amino acids in eggs poses several dangers.

1- Cancerous tumors.

2- Its threat to patients with liver, pressure and heart.

3- It contains a high percentage of salts, which in turn cause fibrosis, which causes injury to the liver.

4- High blood pressure.

5- Fluid retention in the body.

Bluebell, when mixed with eggs, also causes many health problems because it contains a high percentage of saturated fats, and contributes to high blood cholesterol, which leads to cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, and affects children in terms of causing worms and parasites. It also affects children’s intelligence and cognitive abilities and leads to obesity.

Therefore, you should avoid eating frequently processed meat to avoid this, such as blueprints and pastrami, as it can be eaten at intervals depending on the location.


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