5 major achievements made by Google on the 22nd anniversary of the creation of the search engine


Google today is 22 years old, as the search engine was founded by two PhD students at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, 22 years ago in September 1998, and although the search engine celebrates his birthday today, 27 September wasn’t always his official birthday.

There was confusion about Google’s birthdate, according to reports, until 2005, Google celebrated its birthday on September 7, but since 2005, it has celebrated its birthday on September 8, then September 26, and now it is celebrated on September 27.

On the occasion of the twenty-second anniversary of Google’s birth, the US site latestly listed 5 major achievements made by the search engine giant, which has revolutionized the Internet, namely:

Google search

Simply Google Search is a web search engine developed by Google LLC, it is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web across all platforms.

-Google Doodle

In 2008, Larry Page and Serge Brin were going to the Burning Man Festival, to let users know that Google would not be inhabited for some time. Page and Brin put the Burning Man logo behind the second “O” in Google on the Google homepage, and this was officially the first graphic. Doodle from Google, Google Doodle has now become very popular and is now a major aspect of the Google brand.

– Google Adword

Google Ads was launched in the year 2000 at a time when the search engine was growing in popularity and I think this is the right time to start making money. Google AdWords offers advertisers a way to promote their products and services within Google, and today, Google Adwords earns nearly 86 percent of its total revenue from AdWords and its related advertising tools


Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and use third-party programs that sync email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail began as a limited trial version on April 1, 2004.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a web map service developed by Google, as it provides satellite images, aerial photography, street maps, interactive 360-degree panoramic views of streets and real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for travel on foot, car, bike, air transport or public transport , And it was launched in 2005.


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