5 people were killed and 5 others were injured in a car collision in the Maadi ring road


12:43 PM

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Books – Alaa Omran and Sameh Ghaith:

The Maadi Circuit witnessed a collision between a microbus and another transport, killing 5 people and wounding 5 others today, Tuesday.

A report was received from the residents of the General Traffic Department operations room, that a traffic accident occurred on the ring road near Kafour Al-Maadi. Ambulances rushed to the scene to transport the dead and injured to hospital.

The accident resulted in a slowdown in the movement of vehicles above the road, and traffic officers moved to the place and the wreckage of the accident is being removed.

Major General Mahmoud Abdel Razek, Assistant Minister for Traffic, ordered the traffic policemen to move to the place, and the wreckage of the accident, which caused a slowdown in the movement of vehicles, was removed from the top of the road, and the dead and injured were taken to hospital.

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