5 ways to solve the problem of not connecting to Wi-Fi network on iPad


Many iPad users sometimes face difficulty connecting to a WiFi network, which is negatively reflected on the Internet connection, and this is due to many reasons, and if you experience difficulty connecting your iPad to the Wi-Fi network, restarting the device sometimes will lead to Solve the problem, however if this step does not solve the problem, you can try the methods that we will be reviewing today to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Here are 5 ways to solve the iPad Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi issue:

1- Check hardware settings:

There are some steps that you must take to troubleshoot the cause of the problem – is it in the network itself or the device – so that you can quickly fix it, as follows:

Make sure you are in range of the network, because if you are too far from the router, you will not get a signal for your device.

Restart the router; Most Wi-Fi related problems can be solved by shutting down the router for 30 seconds, then turning it back on again.

Try connecting to the Wi-Fi network using another device, such as: a computer or a phone, and if these devices can connect to the network, this means that the problem is most likely related to the iPad.

2- Check for Wi-Fi problems in the operating system:

If iPadOS detects a problem with your Wi-Fi connection, you’ll see a suggestion under the name of the Wi-Fi network your iPad is connected to. For example: You might see an alert message saying: “No Internet connection”. For more information, click on the (i) icon to the right of the Wi-Fi network name.

3- Delete the Wi-Fi network and then add it again:

Go to Setting on an iPad.

Tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Select the network you are trying to connect to, then tap the (i) icon next to its name.

Click on the (Forget This Network) option.

Go back to the Settings app again, and re-join the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to.

4- Turn off the VPN service:

If you are using a VPN service on an iPad, this may be the reason behind the problems in connecting to the Wi-Fi network, so try to stop the VPN service to see if this procedure will solve the problem or not, by following the following steps:

Go to settings.

Click on the (VPN) option, then disable it by pressing the toggle button assigned to it. If you are unable to turn off the power, go to the VPN application that you are using and disable the VPN service that you are using on the device through it.

5- Reset network settings:

The step to reset network settings on iPad may help solve the problem; But you should keep in mind that this step resets your Wi-Fi network, passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you used previously.

Go to (Settings) on the iPad.

Click on the General option.

Click on the Reset option.

Click on the Reset Network Settings option. Once done, the iPad will restart.


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