6 cars are in the critical position after the introduction of Renault “Kadjar” 2021, with a discount up to


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Wednesday 30 September 2020

6 cars are in the critical position after the introduction of Renault "Kadjar" 2021, with a reduction of 25 thousand pounds

Books – Mohamed Gamal:

The Egyptian International Automobile Company (EIM), the agent of the French Renault brand in Egypt, launched a discounts campaign on its 2021 car in line with the needs of the Egyptian consumer and his purchasing power. It started earlier this week on the Kadjar model under the slogan “The competition is over.”

Renault Kadjar features an exterior car design with a front and a rear bumper design that adds a youthful spirit to the car, the rear lights design gives a bolder and more challenging appearance to the car, and the LED headlights add a clear view of the roads that gives the driver a safe driving experience, in addition to the attractive alloy rims. Wheels with sizes “17 and 18” suitable for roads in Egypt.

As for the interior design of the Kadjar, the car comes equipped with a new technology represented by a 7-inch multi-media touch screen that combines the various settings for the car, which starts working immediately after the engine is started, equipped with a mirror screen for the phone that works with Apple and Android systems in addition to the Shark antenna, Receives GPS waves, as well as operating FM and DAB stations.

The “Cadgar” comes in three grades, each featuring a 1.2-liter turbo engine with 130 hp and a 55-liter fuel tank capacity, while the trunk capacity is 472 liters.

The three classes also come, in addition to many safety and security equipment such as HSA, EBD, ESP, ABS or anti-lock braking system, and the car also supports Eco mode to save fuel consumption, and rear parking sensors.

As for Kadjar prices, they start from 364,000 pounds for the first standard category, 399,000 pounds for the second category, and 424,000 pounds for the third, highly equipped category.

Observers believe that after the Renault “Kadjar” model 2021 was introduced with a reduction of 25,000 pounds, the French car should put pressure on its competitors in the Egyptian market, especially those that fall within the same price bracket and that belong to the “suv” category.

On the following pages, it is possible to identify the main competitors of Renault “Kadjar” model 2021:

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