6 tips to maintain the psychological health of children after divorce


Manar Mohammad:

Posted on: Sunday 20 September 2020 – 4:59 PM | Last update: Sunday 20 September 2020 – 4:59 PM

The separation of the spouses may affect the children, because each party desires to raise the child as he wants, which is reflected in the psychological state of the young, and the matter gets worse with the presence of the children the quarrels that occur continuously between the separated.

And according to the Indian “Times of India” newspaper, there are some tips that ensure the preservation of the mental health of children at this stage, they are:

Children are not involved in quarrels
The spouses should keep the children away from attending any quarrels between them because this affects their health and psychological state, and talk about the other party well because distorting its image will only harm the children.

You should also try to arrange exit dates as a family after the divorce, because this helps in stabilizing the children’s lives and reassuring them that they are in a cohesive family.

Give them safety at home
The father and the mother should prepare the house for the children in a way that makes them feel safe and happy inside it, so that the children will be happy to be in the parents’ home after the divorce, because the discomfort makes them move away from spending time with the father or mother.

Parents can allow the children to choose their own room furniture in the two homes because this increases their attachment to the place and their desire to live in it.

It is better for the parents to live close together so that the children do not feel the separation of the family and fear of following the father.

Stay away from disintegration
Children must feel that there is no breakdown in the family, and to achieve this, each party must remove his ego and his personal life from the family life and put the interests of the children in the first place.

The more children felt the bond between the father and mother after the divorce, the stronger they were in the face of the difficulties they will face in their lives.

The American family website Parting provided other tips to protect children after divorce, namely:

– Stay away from the courts
The father or mother’s resorting to the courts and standing in front of each other will have a bad reaction on the part of the children, because sometimes they become more aggressive and for this reason must try to solve the problems amicably.

Talk to the children about the divorce
Parents should explain the concept of divorce to their children if they are of an age permitting, as this helps them adjust to their new life.

Don’t make false promises
Sometimes the father or mother makes promises to the children during a separation to reassure them, and they are not honest about it, and this is wrong because it negatively affects the children after the divorce because they consider it a lie and the parents should not be trusted again.


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