60% of Americans want to stop using paper money for fear of Corona


A recent poll revealed that more than half of Americans want the United States to abandon fiat currencies and switch to cashless payment systems, as the research found that 58 percent of respondents plan to make this shift once the coronavirus pandemic ends, as confirmed by one in three. People that they do not use fiat currencies due to health concerns.

Besides curbing the spread of the virus, 77 percent of survey respondents indicated that they would rather simply pay with a credit or debit card over cash – and 55 percent said they used this method with one of the payments in their last purchase..

The survey, conducted by Travis Credit Union (TCU) Reviews of more than 2,000 Americans know how many people have cash and why others choose credit cards, and among those who preferred paper money, more than half said they liked the privacy and security it provided, while only 14 percent said they liked money because it made them safe. More on a budget.

When Americans have cash on hand, according to TCU, They carry an average of $ 46, so while comfort and safety were the most important reasons for Americans in general to switch to digital payment, the Corona virus has recently prompted many to re-evaluate using coins.

Half of the people who participated in the survey also confirmed that they use less money than they were before the epidemic, and 60 percent do not think they will return to using it regularly when it ends..


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