7 benefits of drinking milk with honey on an empty stomach


Doctors usually recommend consuming some healthy drinks on an empty stomach, which have various health benefits when consumed on an empty stomach, including Milk drink with honey It is healthy and has various advantages for treating some of the health problems we suffer from, such as constipation and digestion.

1- It helps in strengthening the bones, especially since milk is the best source of calcium, while honey helps the body absorb this calcium and transport it to the bones

2- It works to treat coughing, because this cup has anti-bacterial properties, and expels phlegm accumulated on the chest

3- It removes swelling and congestion in the throat, relieves coughing, and helps to expel mucus from the body

4- Milk with honey is an effective treatment for chronic constipation

5- It helps to improve digestion strongly and increases the beneficial bacteria in the stomach

6- It prevents high levels of the stress hormone “cortisol” in the body, as it calms the nerves and helps relax

7- It contains antioxidants that help restore youth to the body, both internally and externally.


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