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Today, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, witnessed many important sports news, most notably, Musimani, technical director of Al-Ahly, two official seasons and arriving Friday, Pyramids loses Antwi and Traore in the face of Al-Ahly.

Musimani, technical director of Al-Ahly, officially two seasons, arriving Friday

Al-Ahly club officials have contracted with South African Musimane to lead the red team for two seasons, and Musimane will arrive on Friday to lead Al-Ahly training.

Pyramids lose Antwi and Traore in the face of Al-Ahly

The Pyramids team loses both Ghanaian John Antwi and Burkinabe Eric Traore, in their upcoming match against Al-Ahly, scheduled for next October 11th, at Cairo International Stadium, within the competitions of the 33rd round of the Premier League competition, especially since the African duo is one of the most important and prominent pillars In the ranks of the heavenly team, especially after Antwi raised his score to 8 goals, and became one of the most important attackers on the arena in general, Traore is also one of the most important keys to the game that the Croatian coach Ante Cicic relies on.

Musimani agrees to include a member of the Filler apparatus in Al-Ahly

South African Musimane, the new coach of the Al-Ahly club, agreed to include a member of the Swiss apparatus, Rene Fyler, after the latter was dismissed and assigned responsibility to Musimane. Al-Ahly club officials contracted with South African Musimani to lead the red team for two seasons. Born on July 26, 1964, he has 3 assistants, one of whom is a trainer, the second is a load chart, and the third is a performance analyst.

Kahraba receives the rationale for a fine of 32 million pounds in favor of Zamalek

The Football Association and Zamalek Club, along with Mahmoud Kahraba, the current Al-Ahly player, received the reasons for the ruling issued by the FIFA Dispute Settlement Committee in favor of the Zamalek Club in the Kahraba case, which requires that the player be fined a fine of 32 million and 800 thousand pounds in favor Zamalek called in that case, after the player requested the reasons on which the decision to fine him came in order to appeal the ruling.

The Arab Contractors confirms the participation of Taher Mohamed in front of Al-Ahly and reveals the position of the copper

Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathy, member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Contractors and the supervisor of the football sector, confirmed that Tahir Mohammad Tahir The wolves of the mountain wing will be present in the next Al-Ahly match, naturally, demanding that the rumors about the player be stopped since he signed for Al-Ahly, and Mohamed Adel said in a phone interview for the Hour program with Schubert on Radio On Sport: “We are tired of the rumors that are raised in the media about Taher Mohamed Taher since His move to Al-Ahly, there is a difference between the diligence in the media and the rumors, at first they said Al-Ahly told the contractors Taher not to play matches, then they accused the player of being ill, then they said Taher had Corona and finally he would not participate in front of Al-Ahly.

The Five-Year Committee of the Football Association Administration decided to hold the local super match for this season between the league champion as well as the Egyptian Cup champion between the two rounds in the new football season 2020-2021, and FIFA officials explained that they had succeeded in ending the late and postponed local super matches from past seasons, and the super match remains. Local for the current season

Al Ismaily postpones the extension of Hamdi, Ramadan and Al Wahsh contracts due to the specter of landing

Ismaili club officials decided to postpone the tripartite contract extension file, Emad Hamdy, Nader Ramadan, and Omar Al-Wahsh, the players of the team whose contracts expire at the end of the next season. Landing for the second section.


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