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The head of the Supreme Council of State revealed in LibyaKhaled Al-Mishri, today, Tuesday, dawn, the unveiling of a meeting next Thursday, in Morocco, to sign the foundations and principles agreed upon at the meeting of Moroccan Bouznika two weeks ago.

Al-Mishri said, in an interview on February TV, that the meeting in Bouznika, Morocco, reached preliminary understandings regarding the conditions, standards and specifications of those who hold the sovereign positions, adding that these understandings were presented to the State Council.

He added that these rounds of dialogue are not new, but are a continuation of the rounds that began since 2017, stressing that what was discussed in the Moroccan dialogue is the criteria for assuming sovereign positions, denying what has been discussed about concluding deals or quotas, according to him.


He added, “There are rumors on many social media that there is an agreement for Aqila Saleh to assume the presidency of the Presidency Council and that Khaled Al-Mishri will be a deputy to the Presidency Council, but this is not true altogether, adding,“ My concern is to end the transitional phase and the current bodies and the referendum on the constitution.

And he added, “I have no desire or any ambition to be a member of the Presidency Council, and if I want to continue with political life, it will be through the election box and not through deals to be concluded here and there. There is deliberate interference to obstruct the paths of dialogue from the beneficiaries of the current situation, which cannot be accepted for continuation.”


Al-Mishri said that if the State Council is invited to any dialogue that leads to ending the division, unifying the institutions of the divided country and ending the project of what he called a “military coup,” it will respond with its well-known conditions that we announced more than once, pointing out that the tracks taken in the political dialogue are three, of which What is related to the constitutional track, and what is related to the executive authority, this track is currently postponed, and another track related to the sovereign positions, which has been initiated, according to him.


He continued: “We will go to dialogue in Morocco with our hand outstretched for dialogue cautiously, admitting that what he described as an area of ​​mistrust is still great among all Libyan parties, adding that“ Going to dialogue and negotiation does not mean that we are oblivious to other options, ”according to him.

And he continued, “We have entered into a clear negotiation regarding the position of the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, his deputy and members of the board of directors, and specific criteria have been agreed upon for who is nominated for the position of governor of the Central Bank of Libya, his deputy and the board of directors.

Al-Mashri indicated that the UN mission is trying to expand the base of dialogue, and we, in principle, have no objection, but any way out of the dialogue outcomes must be approved by the legitimate bodies, according to him.

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