A change in the features of Reham Saeed’s face after undergoing plastic surgery! (Watch the difference)


Media participated “Riham Said“Her fans and fans through her official account on the video and photo exchange site.”Instagram“In a video clip from inside a beauty clinic and I talked about Cosmetic surgery That is done by a large number of art stars because of hiding some of the defects that may appear on them, to satisfy their audience.

و .ضافت Riham Said She is present at the cosmetic clinic to remove the “eyebrow tattoos” that she drew a while ago, after a follower wrote to her that her eyebrows were light, which prompted her to go to a women’s beauty center and pay it, but after a while she realized that her eyebrows have become thick and long than nature, and now she wants To get rid of them.

And requested Riham Said The doctor is required to record the procedure for removing her eyebrow tattoos for her followers moment by moment, and he has already started his work through the use of lasers that hurt the Egyptian media so badly, to reveal at the end of the clip that it is painful even though it only took a few minutes. Saeed also made sure to advise her followers not to be drawn into criticism Some have their own features, with the necessity of returning to nature in shape.

In another context, she praised Riham Said With the attitude of the lady of the train, who became famous in the media after her position with the recruiter of the armed forces, and she said about her: “This is the great thing that is Egypt, which I lived and loved. Long live Egypt And I would like to say Long live Egypt Its people. This did not teach a lesson for everyone, I don’t need money to keep human beings, and I don’t need education to keep feeling better. As for the texameter, I don’t want to fly the opium and the stars to it. This is a recruiter in the army of Egypt. Long live Egypt Long live Egypt Long live Egypt Long live the mothers of Egypt. I love you, Egypt, too, because of the great medical hermit.

And at the professional level, she was Riham Said She announced the end of the suspension from media work, and hinted that there was a surprise on the way, the details of which were not revealed. Is it a new program? As for her continuing her acting career ?!, after the Supreme Council for Media Regulation issued a decision stopping her from work and preventing her from appearing in any media outlet, due to the abuse of obese patients in one of her program episodes.Good girls”.


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