“A Christian who fasts in Ramadan and prays during Eid.” Ahmed Adam reveals the surprise of A.


2:06 PM

Saturday 26 September 2020

About three years ago, artist Ahmed Adam was a guest on the star Salah Abdullah on his show “Stouh Uncle Salah”, which was broadcast on the “Al-Hayat” channel.

During the episode, “Adam” talked about the distinction of Egyptians in their coexistence between Muslims and Christians without addressing the question about religion. He said: “We, our life in Egypt, we do not ask you a Christian or a Muslim. We do not ask this question, there is no between us and some of this issue, we are an open country. For all people and the same street, there was a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, and they lived normal. ”

He added: “The same situation is here in the middle. I, for example, know that the artist, who is victorious in God, is a Christian other than when he intended me in the joy of his daughter. A difference between a Muslim and a Christian in Egypt. ”

Al-Muntaser Billah is “Al-Muntaser Billah Riad Abdel-Sayed”, born on February 21, 1950, obtained a BA in Dramatic Arts in 1969, then a Master in Dramatic Arts in 1977. Business between cinema, theater and television, so that his work continued for many years before he departed from our world today, Saturday 26 September 2020.

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