A clear drop … we publish the prices of poultry, eggs, rabbits and ducks


Sada al-Balad offers a price service Most important Food And the daily changes that occur to it, including poultry prices, which were stabilized at the beginning of today’s trading, Tuesday 9-9– 2020.
Ranged Poultry prices The white poultry today ranges between 19 and 21 pounds per kilo, and the price of red poultry “sasu” ranged between 23 and 24 pounds, while the price of a kilo of municipal poultry reached 38.50 pounds, and the price of a kilogram of mothers ranged from 15 to 17.50 pounds.

The price of the white chick ranged between 5.50 and 6 pounds, the red chick “Sasso” scored about 3.75 pounds, the municipal chick was about 3 pounds, and the price of the quail chick ranged between 2.25 and 6 pounds.

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White eggs and red eggs recorded a price ranging between 25 and 27 pounds per carton, while the local egg carton recorded 29 pounds, and rabbit meat recorded a price ranging between 43 and 41 pounds.

While the prices of Muscovy ducks are 12 pounds, the Muller “Omar Yom” is 13.50 pounds, the Beijing duck is 7 pounds, and a kilo of molar duck meat reaches 27 pounds, while the French duck meat amounts to 17.50 pounds, while a kilo of Muscovy duck meat is 28.50 pounds. Molar 22.50 pounds.

And the turkey chick Omar on 17 pounds, the brown turkey chick Omar on 16.50 pounds, and the bronze turkey chick Omar on 17 pounds.

Recall that domestic production from Domestic wealth It amounts to about one billion and 100 million chickens annually

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