A coach of high caliber .. Italian site detonates a surprise about Fyler’s successor in Al-Ahly


An Italian site exploded a heavy caliber surprise about the expected coach for the first team for football at Al-Ahly club, succeeding Swiss Rene Fyler, who was close to leaving.

The Italian site “News24” said that the great coach, Spalletti, came close to leading Al-Ahly club in Africa in the coming period.

He continued: “According to our information, Al-Ahly communicated strongly during the past hours of Spalletti to seek his opinion on training the red team, and the technical director showed great flexibility.”

The club management has set a deadline for next Thursday to announce its position on Rene Fyler, coach of the first football team.

This came after clarifying all matters and in light of the terms of the contract concluded with the Swiss technical director.

The management also confirmed that the matter is early to offer alternatives to Swiss Fyler, and this matter has not been addressed, especially that the management’s decision regarding the current coach will be determined at the aforementioned date and in a way that serves the interest of the club and preserves the team’s march locally and continually.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president and authorized by the board of directors to oversee the football sector, had a session with Fyler on Monday to discuss his position on continuing with the team.


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