A doctor reveals scary facts about coffee, including abortion


Searching for the damages of coffee is one of the things that most concern women during pregnancy, especially since many are used to drinking coffee on a daily basis, and despite the many health benefits of coffee, excessive consumption of coffee and the caffeine it contains may have great harm to the health of the pregnant woman. And the fetus too.

Dr. Marwan Salem, a clinical nutritionist and clinical pharmacist, answered this question in statements to the “Echo of the Country” website, where he explained that the caffeine that a pregnant woman consumes. The heart of the fetus, the respiratory rate speeds up, and if the increased doses of caffeine taken by a pregnant woman, it may lead to miscarriage. A recent scientific study also warned pregnant women who want to have children not to consume large quantities of caffeine and stop drinking coffee, because of its health risks and negative effects On the load.

And according to what was published by the British site “skynews”, the caffeine found in coffee and other drinks affects pregnancy and childbearing, as well as on the fetus in the womb.

For his part, Jack James, a professor at the Icelandic University of Reykjavik, explained that caffeine may cause premature labor problems and may cause miscarriage for a pregnant woman, and it may also make the infant’s weight after birth lean and weak, as well as the study indicated that there are other risks to children born to mothers who were drinking coffee during a period Pregnancy, and complications may reach cancer, weight gain and obesity.


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