A doctor warns: Oral health affects the immune system’s resistance to the Corona virus


Otorhinolaryngology consultant Dr. Fahim Tadros confirmed that the human immune system is affected by the extent of oral and dental health, and that viruses and microbes in the mouth cannot be eliminated by 100%, but they should be eliminated by the correct means.Tadros added in his interview with “Al-Ru’ya”, that reducing the number of viruses and germs in the upper airways would reduce the symptoms and complications of the Corona virus, “Covid-19”, and thus speed recovery from infection.

In light of the Corona pandemic, is there a relationship between the immune system and oral health?

The immune defenses of the upper respiratory system, including the pharynx and the nasal cavity, depend on two basic strategies, the first is to identify the microbes and produce the antibodies capable of eliminating them, while the second centers on maintaining a record of all types of microbes, and preparing the body’s immune white cells of various types to swallow and destroy them. These two lines of defense are called “antibodies and the cellular response”, and there are millions of microbes in the upper respiratory tract and mouth that are not necessarily harmful, especially since most of them participate in protecting us from their more dangerous counterparts.

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