A famous artist secretly talks about the relationship of Adel Imam’s sons with the Islamic religion … and Muhammad Imam surprises him with the response


Monday, 09-28-2020
6:40 am
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Artist Riad El-Khouly revealed a surprise about the family of artist Adel Imam from its religious side.Al-Khouli said in an interview with “Her Excellency,” that he mixed with the family of the leader and touched part of the religious commitment of his two sons, Muhammad Adel Imam and Rami Imam.

Al-Khouli indicated that Mohamed Adel Imam is distinguished by talent and was surprised by the quality of his performance after he was represented together in the Hogan series.

While Muhammad Imam responded to Al-Khouly’s hadith, saying: The great artist, Riyad Al-Khouli, who had the honor of working with him.


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